Soundcheck for some new Chillout Jazz Trumpet tune

That evening I started testing possible stickings and drum sound on tune number 2 out of my electronic sound studies series Cafe Del Hamburgo. My brother Thorsten earlier recorded some improvisation with trumpet. In Cubase I put everything together and did the first rounds with real drums. I really like this tune´s flow.

Miles Meditation – a groovy Ableton Live tech study

Four months ago I did another sound and tech study. I used a trumpet track my brother recorded for another song and pitched it down to some tuba sound. Furthermore I made all instruments in this track (exept the drums, which is a sample) using this trumpet, using Ableton Live´s Simpler. Why? Just for the fun of it. But I like the outcome. And this song sounds great with real drums.

Our First Song – January Dawn

This song is the result of our first Saturday session at my home studio. What a great weekend back in March 2017.

The evening when this song came to live was my aha moment: We need to sit down and create more music, be it just for the fun of it and personal pleasure.